aAa code: 234
Birth date: 21-01-2022
Eartag number: BE000320482465
Breeder: Renaat Devreese ’t Reigershof


Father: Reigershof Kobe
Mother's father: Reigershof Rico
Grandmother's father: Merilla Marco

GIC Index: 95

✓ From a very strong family in terms of longevity and lifetime production.

✓ Reigershof Apollon GIC's mother produced 10,228 kg of milk in her lifetime, the grandmother (father's side) produced 15,060 kg of milk and the grandmother (maternal side) produced 11,190 kg of milk.

✓ The full brother “Reigershof Ali” has developed himself as a top sire at 't Reigershof.

✓ The full sister of the father of Reigershof Apollon GIC Reigershof Kobe, "Reigershof Joukje 1949" is one of the best production goats at 't Reigershof at the moment. In her first lactation, Joukje 1949 produced more than 6000 kg within three years. Her average production over 350 days in 2022 now stands at 2,023 liters with 4.34% fat and 3.53% protein.

Performance mother 

Kg milk/day: 4,7
Total lifetime production: 10.228
% Fat: 4,51
% Protein: 3,11
Number of lactations: 5

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