The best doelings and breeding bucks for your farm 

What can we do for you

At the GIC nucleus farms, our farmers breed doelings and future breeding bucks for professional goat farms. GIC can help you with the proces of purchasing doelings and/or breeding bucks. We assist you from selection of animals at our nucleus farms to delivering the animals to your own goat farm anywhere in the world.

Our approach

  • On our GIC nucleus farms, only the kids that were born on the this specific nucleus farm are reared. This allows us to keep health risks as low as possible.
  • The doelings and future breeding bucks are reared in modern stables, with the highest hygiene standards and with great attention to animal welfare. Our goats are all CAE, CL, TB, Brucella and Scrapie free with assurance of official government controlled programs.
  • All doelings and future breeding bucks are assessed for genetic defects and conformation. 
  • Our farmers are able to rease the doelings and bucks on there farm until they are around 5-7 months old and ready to leave to our clients' farms.

Worldwide export

Wherever you are located in the world, GIC can supply you with the highest quality goats. GIC works with the most experienced partners to carry out an import and/or export from start to finish. We ensure compliance with necessary export paperwork, treatments, bloodtests and quarantines. This is how the GIC team guarantees dedication and the best service.

Service and advice

At GIC, we strive to support our customers in everything we do. That is why we would like to share our knowledge with you. This way you can benefit from the full genetic potential of the animals provided by GIC.

Would you like to start a new project and receive support in business management, business economics, breeding, nutrition or animal health? GIC's consultants can help you anywhere in the world, both online and/or at your location.

At GIC we truly believe in the power of knowledge sharing!

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