Vikingdanmark is a cooperative of Danish dairy farmers.
Together with similar cooperatives in Sweden (Växa) and Finland (Faba), they own Vikinggenetics.

Vikingdanmark is from and for Danish dairy farmers: 

  • Selling world-class genetics
  • Professional business advice including SimHerd
  • Export of livestock with VikingLivestock
  • Webshop (Vikshop) for all daily product on the farm
  • Sale of SenseHub

Vikinggenetics is the cattle breeding organization responsible for the breeding program of Viking Holstein, Viking Red and Viking Jersey in the three Scandinavian countries.

Vikinggenetics is from and for the Scandinavian dairy farmers.

  • Scandinavia is the birthplace of balanced breeding: with NTM as the total index, all three breeds are bred for production, functional characteristics and conformation.  
  • Genomic selection
  • Breeding on feed efficiency with the CFIT technology
  • Subsidairies in England, Germany and Australia and distributors all over the world.