Our passion at Goat Improvement Company is to help you as a farmer achieve your economic goals, farm sustainably and enjoy life. We do this by breeding healthy, efficient and problem-free goats.

Together with an international group of farmers and a database of thousands of dairy goats, we work every day to improve dairy goats all over the world. We do this by providing top genetics, software, DNA_analysis and personal advice. The perfect balance between healthy and efficient goats is the basis for our “Balanced Breeding” breeding strategy. In addition to production, the focus here is on improving health, efficiency and sustainability. Our goats offer you as a farmer a profitable farm, low vet costs, high quality dairy and require little attention. And we are quite proud of that!

We are a responsible and dedicated team that works every day to find solutions, through genetics and software, to challenges that you will experience on your farm. We help farmers create a sustainable food production for our planet. Goat Improvement Company is your partner in goat breeding!