DNA analysis with the highest reliability

DNA analysis

Would you like to know the pedigree of the promising kids you are rearing or of that super-performing yearling? This is now possible with the DNA analysis of GIC! DNA is quickly and easily taken from the animal in question through a hair sample. GIC takes care of the rest!

Parentage analysis by means of DNA analysis gives you more insight into the breeding performance of your animals.

Parenting Analysis gives you the following benefits:

  • Inbreeding is prevented.
  • Insight into the quality of your own bucks (production of offspring and fertility).
  • Insight into the quality of your own goats (production offspring).
  • Reliable breeding values ​​because you know the pedigree of your animals with certainty.
  • Improves the value of your animals and your trading position when selling bucks, goats and lambs.

When you request the DNA test, you will receive the necessary bags to put the hairs in from GIC. You can pull out the hair yourself (do not cut!). It is important that you pull out the hair including the root.

If you send the bags with hair back to GIC, you will receive the results of the DNA analysis from our team by email within a few weeks.

Do you have questions about the DNA analyses or do you want to request a DNA analyse? Our team is happy to help you.

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