aAa code: 135
Birth date: 01-08-2019 
Eartag number: NL100134452777
Breeder: Passion4Goats


Father: Luk vd Dijk
Mother's father: Merilla Mars
Grandmother's father: Merilla Jochem

GIC Index: 121

✓ Impresses with its uniform group of daughters

✓ With no less than 4.04% protein in her 2020 lactation, the mother of P4 Anderson GIC has the highest protein content of all white production goats in the rankings of the studbook NOG in 2020

✓ The father of P4 Anderson GIC, Luk vd Dijk had no less than 4 daughters in the top 8 best yearlings of the studbook NOG in 2020 (general appearance 87 points or more)

✓ The mother of Luk vd Dijk achieved a lifetime production of 13,268 kg of milk

✓ P4 Anderson GIC “fantastic udders, sky-high protein and a proof leader for udder health and efficiency%”

Prestaties moeder 

Kg milk/day: 5,5
Total lifeproduction: 3459
(did not participate in the milking control for the first 5 years)
% Fat: 4,50
% Protein: 3.75
Number of lactations: 4

Conformation mother 

General: 91
Type: 92
Development: 92
Legs: 88
Udder: 90

Mother "P4 Anderson GIC"
6.0 350 days in production
1895 kg milk with 4,50% fat and 3,75% protein

Halfsister "P4 Anderson GIC"
2.0 350 days in production
2106 kg milk with 4,67% fat and 3,49% protein

Halfsisters of "P4 Anderson GIC"

Mothersfather of "P4 Anderson GIC"

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