aAa code: 513
Birth date: 19-03-2017 
Eartag number: NL100232252378
Breeder: Fam. Nooteboom


Father: NH Impuls
Mother's father: GB Sven
Grandmother's father: NH Falco

GIC Index: 135

✓ The highest available AI buck in the Netherlands with a top GIC Index of 136

✓ Milk, fat and protein in combination with a strong exterior

✓ All his grandmothers produced an average of 6 kg/milk per day or more

✓ The daughters of NH Japio GIC had an average lactation value in 2021 and 2022 that was 19 points higher than their mothers

✓ NH Japio GIC "the extraordinary GIC proof leader"

Conformation score of NH Japio GIC

General: 83
Type: 82
Development: 83
Legs: 85

"NH Japio GIC" together with his grandson "NH Moonlight GIC"

Daughters of "NH Japio GIC". Her production in her 2022 lactation was in average in 350 days: 2037 kg milk with 4.18% fat and 3.40% protein

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