aAa code: 531
Birth date: 17-01-2023
Eartag number: NL100090563454
Breeder: Harm en Ankie van der Veen


Father: Grasshill Designator
Mother's father: GB Erik
Grandmother's father: GB Aiolt

GIC Index: 126

✓ The father of GB Murk GIC “Grasshill Designator” was the No. 1 buck on the combined Index in Canada

✓ Dam's sire GB Erik is one of the absolute top bucks in the Netherlands. In addition to production, GB Erik also scores very well with his daughters on the GIC cell count index and GIC urea index. This indicates that GB Erik's daughters have a low cell count on average and that the protein in there rations is used very efficiently.

✓ The grandmother (on her father's side) “Grasshill Diana” was one of the highest production goats in the world with productions of up to 12 kg of milk per day

✓ The mother of GB Murk GIC "GB Maaike 23" is one of the best goats in the Netherlands and highly ranked on the GIC Index. She combines good conformation, high components and a high milk production like no other.

✓ The grandmother (on her mother's side) is GB Maaike 14. She kidded for the first time in 2018 and had a first long lactation of 1669 days, with her average milk production being 5 liters per day with 4.08% fat and 3.51 % protein.

Performance mother 

Kg milk/day: 5,5
Total lifetimeproduction: 4392
% fat: 4,0
% protein: 3,56
Number of lactations: 2

Conformation mother 

General: 86
Type: 87
Development: 87
Legs: 85
Udder: 86

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