aAa code: 135
Birth date: 08-02-2022
Breeder: Harm en Ankie v/d Veen


Father: GB Jappie
Fathersfather: GB Boele
Mothersfather: GB Aiolt

GIC Index: 122 

✓ From the super breeding Maaike family with high levels of %protein and very persistent milk production already for generations.

✓ The grandmother of GB Martijn GIC is GB Maaike 14 (by GB Boele). GB Maaike 14 shows what the Maaike family is known for: “contents and persistence”. She first kidded in 2017 and has now been in milk for 2345 days, with her average milk production being 5 liters per day with 4.10% fat and 3.51% protein.

✓ The half-sister of GB Martijn GIC is GB Maaike 23 (both from the same mother). GB Maaike 23 is predicted in her first lactation at: 1.0 350 days 1852 kg milk with 4.31% fat and 3.55% protein. In addition, she is classified with excellent points: general 86, type 87, development 87, legs and legs 85 and udder 86.

✓ The father of GB Martijn GIC is GB Jappie. This son of GB Boele has GB Janneke 11 as mother. GB Janneke 11 (by GB Silvanis) had 2 long lactations with a first lactation of 962 days and her second lactation of 634 days. In her second lactation she produced no less than 3951 kg of milk (6.2 kg of milk per day on average) LW 140. She does not have that production capacity from a stranger. The mother of GB Janneke 11 is GB Janneke 5 (by GB Sven). This super production goat produced 3501 kg of milk in her second lactation, converted in 350 days (11 kg of milk per day on average).

✓ GB Martijn GIC “the complete package from a super breeding family”

Performance mother 

Kg milk/day: 4
Total lifetime production : 3471
% fat: 4,41
% Protein: 3,83
Number of lactations: 3

Conformation mother 

General: 87
Type: 87
Development: 87
legs: 87
Udder: 87

The mother of "GB Martijn GIC"

Halfsister of GB Martijn “GB Maaike 23” total points: 86 (From the same mother as "GB Martijn GIC")

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