aAa code: 432
Birth date: 15-01-2023
Eartag number: NL100090163449
Breeder: Harm en Ankie van der Veen


Father: Grasshill New Dawn
Mother's father: GB Popke
Grandmother's father: GB Sven

GIC Index: 117

✓ GB Jimte GIC has completely new blood for European breeding with Grasshill New Dawn as father.

✓ Grasshill New Dawn is the impressive grandson of the goat with the highest lifetime production of Canada “Grasshill Nadia EX 92” (lifetime production of 20,000 kg of milk). The daughters of Grasshill New Dawn score well on production in GIC's nucleus program. The mother of Grasshill New Dawn is Grasshill New Day. This New Day is excellent with 92 points and achieved a lifetime production of more than 13,000 kg of milk.

✓ The mother of GB Jimte GIC is none other than the famous GB Jacoba 35, who is the only goat ever in the Netherlands that has been the number 1 production goat in the Netherlands for 3 years in a row. GB Jacoba 35 is classified with the following points: general 85, type 87, development 86, legs 83 and udder 85.

✓ The half-sister of GB Jimte GIC is GB Jacoba 123. She inherited the production capacity of her mother GB Jacoba 35. GB Jacoba 123 produces in her first lactation (January 2023) to date an average of 7.7 kg of milk per day with 4.34% fat and 3.39% protein LW 182. GB Jacoba 123 is registered with the following points: general 87, type 87, development 87, legs 87 and udder 85.

✓ The Jacoba family has supplied countless goats with lifetime production over 10,000 kg milk and is one of the best families for longevity, persistence and sustainability worldwide. The mother of GB Jimte GIC is the 4th generation in a row with a lifetime production higher than 10,000 kg of milk.

Performance mother

Kg milk/day: 6,6
Total lifeproduction: 12.446
% fat: 3,54
% protein: 3,21
Number of lactations: 3

Conformation mother 

General: 85
Type: 87
Development: 86
Legs: 83
Udder: 85

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