aAa code: 153
Birth date: 30-01-2022
Breeder: Harm en Ankie v/d Veen


Father: GB Eliah
Fathersfather: Broeklander Richard
Mothersfather: GB Popke

GIC Index: 139

✓ The dam of GB Jehannes GIC is the famous GB Jacoba 35, who has been the No. 1 production goat in the Netherlands since 2020 and is classified with the following points: general 85, type 87, development 86, feet and legs 83 and udder 85.

✓ The half sister of GB Jehannes GIC is GB Jacoba 48 (both out of the same dam) who inherited the production capacity from her dam GB Jacoba 35. GB Jacoba 48 (born 23-10-2019) produced in her first lactation of 656 days 4661 kg of milk (10.276 lbs) LW 160 (7.1 kg of milk/ 15,65 lbs per day) and is classified with the following points: general 83, type 83, development 84, feet and legs 83 and udder 82.

✓ The Jacoba family has supplied countless goats with lifetime productions over 10.000 kg (22.047 lbs) of milk and are one of the best family for longevity, persistence and sustainability worldwide.

✓ The grandmother of GB Jehannes GIC, GB Jacoba 26 is being milked from September 2017. GB Jacoba 26 is an impressive production goat with a lifetime production of 10.357 kg milk (22.833 lbs) (an average of 6.4 kg of milk/ 14,11 lbs per day) in 1619 days, at the last milk check she gave 7.2kg of milk/ 15,87 lbs. GB Jacoba 26 is classified with the following points: general 84, type 86, development 86, feet and legs 82 and udder 83.

✓ The great-granddam of GB Jehannes GIC is GB Jacoba 6. She has a lifetime production of almost 11.152 kg of milk (24.586 lbs). Her mother is GB Jacoba 5, the foundation mother of the Jacoba line, now more than 12 years old. Her total lifetime production was 11.020kg of milk (24.295 lbs). GB Jacoba 5 now no longer produces milk, but is enjoying her well-deserved retirement in the herd of Harm and Ankie. The Jacoba line proves that you can perfectly combine production and longevity together.

✓ GB Jehannes GIC father is GB Eliah. The buck is currently one of the best breeding bucks of Harm and Ankie. GB Eliah is a son of Broeklander Richard and a grandson of the impressive excellent Renske Jo 19 (general 92, type 93, development 92, feet and legs 91, udder 91). Renske Jo 19 is one of the most famous Saanen goats in the Netherlands.

✓ GB Eliah's dam is GB Eline 14. In her first lactation she produced for 1044 days. The lifetime production of GB Eline 14 is 10.512 kg milk (23.175 lbs) (average 5.8 kg milk/ 12,79 lbs per day with a protein% of 3.54%).

✓ The full brother of GB Jehannes, GB Jehan is also at the AI station of GIC

✓ GB Jehannes “amazing production power out of the Nr. 1 production goat of Holland”

Performance mother 

Kg milk/day: 6,9
Total lifeproduction: 10.729
% fat: 3,52
% protein: 3,22
Number of lactations: 3

Conformation mother

General: 85
Type: 87
Development: 86
Legs: 83
Udder: 85

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