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Birth date: 20-05-2023
Eartag number: NL100090757576
Breeder: Harm and Ankie v/d Veen


Father: GB Mient
Mothersfather: Grasshill New Dawn 
Grandmothersfather: GB Sije

GIC Index: 112

✓ The mother of GB Ernst GIC is one of the first daughters of Grasshill New Dawn that came into production in the Netherlands, GB Else 10. This GB Else 10 has a fantastic rear udder and produced in her first lactation until now 4 kg of milk on average per day with 4.60% fat and 3.61% protein.

✓ The mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers of GB Gerwin GIC all produced an average of above 3.55% protein.

✓ The grandmother of GB Ernst GIC is GB Else 7. This GB Else 7 is a excellent long lactation milker. In 1345 days she produced 6598 kg of milk total (4.9 kg of milk per day) with 4.33% fat and 3.55% protein.

✓ The father of GB Ernst GIC is GB Mient. This GB Mient has the following conformation points: 84 points for general appearance, 84 points for type, 84 points for development and 84 points for legs. His mother "GB Marleen 36" has high levels of components with 4.07% fat and 4.04% protein and an average of 4.2 kg of milk per day.

✓ GB Ernst GIC's great-grandfather is GB Sije. This fantastic GB Sije has been one of the best breeding bucks in the Netherlands and a real productive sire.

Performance mother 

Kg mlk/day: 4
Total lifeproduction: 972
% fat: 4,60
% protein: 3,61
Number of lactations: 1

Conformation mother


Halfsisters of the mother of GB Ernst GIC

The mother of GB Ernst GIC "GB Else 10"

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