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19 September 2023

Harm en Ankie Van der Veen

“Longevity is very important in our breeding. 180 of our goats exceed a lifetime production of 10,000 kg of milk.”
19 September 2023

Dr. Arkan Sanahmmed

“Despite the high temperatures in Kurdistan, my goats should be able to maintain a long persistent lactation without any problems.”
19 September 2023

Mattijn en Anita Papen

“Functional animals with excellent udders and legs. That is the basis of our breeding.”
19 September 2023

Walte en Willeke Veldman

“Dairy goats with a good character that produce milk mainly from grass.”
19 September 2023

Sarjono Karli

“We select for goats that produce efficiently in a tropical climate.”
19 September 2023

Lloyd and Barbara Wicks

“Our goats combine a long lactation with high milk production.”
19 September 2023

Martin and Jan Walhout

“High components in combination with a beautiful exterior, that is our ideal goat.”​
19 September 2023

Will Frost

“Because our company is large with 3,000 goats, my goats must be self-reliant and can be managed with little labor.”​
19 September 2023

Renaat Devreese

“In my breeding I strictly select for natural disease resistance and high milk yield.”
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