Innovative dairy goat breeding

We supply the best genetics with the highest health status around the world

What we offer?

World class genetics and an innovative breeding goal
That is the recipe for Goat Improvement Company, a dynamic and forward thinking company- that has a passion to make a difference. Behind Goat Improvement Company are some of the world’s best dairy goat breeders, experienced researchers, breeding experts and professional distributors. For example, Goat Improvement Company works together in Europe with the Canadian Grasshill Farm, one of the world’s best Saanen breeders, and makes with this collaboration the very best Canadian Saanen genetics available in Europe for the first time. At Goat Improvement Company we strongly believe in Balance Breeding. Our “Balance Breeding” breeding goal, is not only focused on production, but also on improving health, efficiency and sustainability. Our goats provide our customers a profitable farm, low health costs, healthy milk and require little attention. Research on scrapie resistance and Casein-α ensure a healthy herd and high-quality dairy products for consumers. Goat Improvement Company provides dairy goat genetics with the highest health status around the world.

Goat Improvement Company is your partner in breeding!

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tHe team


"Our genetics are profitable for you!"

Owner and founder


"Healthy, efficient and productive animals, that is our basis!"

Owner and founder


meet Our nucleus farms

Renaat Devreese

"In my breeding goal I select strict on natural disease resistance and milk yield."

LIoyd en Barbara Wicks

"In our breeding we do not compromise on quality, only the best is good enough."​


"Longevity is very important in our breeding. 125 of our animals are above 10,000 kg in milk production."

Walte en Willeke Veldman

"Dairy goats of good character that produce milk mainly from the grass."

Lauran den Hertog

"Being able to process a lot of roughage and dairy goats that are easy to manage is my breeding goal."

Martin en Jan Walhout

Martin and Jan Walhout

"We are always looking for the right genetics to improve our goats. That is what we find important in our breeding."

lydia en ronald

Ronald Paardekooper and Lydia van Beek

"The ‘balance’ is what our breeding is all about "

Mattijn en Anita Papen

"Functional animals with extra attention to udders and legs. That is the basis of my breeding."


Innovative dairy goat breeding

Dirk-Jan van Horssen

Jehan Ettema