Nearest 4 Dam Production Avg (305 day):


Scrapie Resistance

Casein A

 1798 kg, 4.0% fat, 3.3% protein

Sonny’: This is a buck with great production and conformation credentials from the families of Grasshill Nadia EX 92, Grasshill Shnooks EX-90 and Grasshill Knight Prince Sheik EX-95.

Sonny’s Dam: “Grasshill Sheik Suncatcher” VG-88.
This doe has first lactation production: 900 kg, 4.8% fat, 3.8% protein (305 days).
Her maternal granddam is ‘Sweet Pea’ EX, the full sister of Shnooks EX, with 305 day production up to 1847 kg 4.3% fat, 3.3% protein and Lifetime production 13,800 kg.
Suncatcher’s paternal sisters have 305 day lactation production up to 1710 kg, 4.5% fat, 3.6% protein.

Sonny’s Sire: “Grasshill Sheik Navigator” EX.
‘Navigator’ is the son of ‘Grasshill Champ’s Natalie’ EX who has 305 day production up to 2605 kg and lifetime production 13,810 kg.
Navigator’s sire ‘Sheik’ EX-95 is one of Grasshill’s best bucks overall, earning the 2nd highest score in Canada for conformation (the #1 scored conformation buck ‘Grasshill Nightrider Summit’ EX-96 is also from this family, and the maternal brother to Sheik’s sire is ‘Cornerstone’, the #1 Index Saanen Buck in Canada for Conformation). Identified Homozygous for scrapie resistance and Heterozygous for Casein A, ‘Sheik’ is transmitting superior conformation and especially high protein to his offspring. Excellent credentials to have in the pedigree of his grandson ‘Sonny’.

Sire Selection Recommendations for ‘Sonny’: This buck is probably the best candidate to increase component percentage (especially Protein) and improve conformation (especially Udders), Sonny’s homozygous status for both Scrapie Resistance and Casein A also ensures that each of his offspring will receive at least one gene for each of these traits. 

"Grasshill Nightrider Summit" EX-96

Canada’s highest scored conformation Saanen buck. “Summit” has homozygous Scrapie resistance.

“Grasshill Sheik Navigator” EX-90

“Navigator” is the father of Sonny and is homozygous Scrapie resistance and heterozygous Casein A.

"Grasshill Knight Prince Sheik" EX-95

Sonny’s grandfather and Canada’s second scored conformation Saanen buck. “Sheik” has homozygous Scrapie resistance and heterozygous Casein A.