Who we are

At Goat Improvement Company we strongly believe in the power of collaboration!

Created in 2016

Passion for breeding, research and the will to be the best breeding partner for every dairygoat farmer in the world – that is the basis of the creation of Goat Improvement Company in 2016. Together with our group of almost 30 progressive top breeders and a database of more than 25,000 dairy goats , we work every day to improve livestock around the world. We do this by providing top genetics and personal breeding advice.The perfect balance between healthy and efficient goats is the basis for our “Balanced Breeding” strategy. Herein lies the focus in economic, ecological and social terms. More output for less input and more milk per goat place are essential to make future dairy goat farming even more sustainable. Goat improvement Company is the only goat breeding organization in the world that works together with an international group of top breeders and collects data on the performance of goats on no fewer than three continents (Europe, North America and Africa). And we are quite proud of that! It is for this reason that we are able to supply the most suitable genetics for local conditions all over the world like no other. 

Goat Improvement Company ” your partner in goat breeding”