Who we are

At Goat Improvement Company we really believe in the power of collaboration!

Created in 2016

Passion for breeding, research and the will to be the best breeding partner for every dairygoat farmer in the world – that is the basis of the creation of Goat Improvement Company. Dirk-Jan van Horssen graduated in 2017 from HAS University of applied sciences in Livestock. He completed this study in 3 years instead of 4 years and graduated via the “Top Class Entrepreneurship” program. After completing his studies, he worked as a manager for AI stations in the Northern Netherlands, of a global player in swine genetics, and gained extensive experience in fertility, semen processing and breeding. Jehan Ettema obtained his Masters in Zootechnics at Wageningen University in 2005 and obtained his PhD in Animal Health and Economics in 2009 from Copenhagen University. In 2010 he took the initiative to found SimHerd, in this company he is a partner and has the daily management. Jehan therefore has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of research and business optimization. We stand for the quality of our products and service and believe we can play an important role in supporting our customers to achieve profitable business results.

Combining real farmer knowledge with data analysis

The Netherlands is a leader in international dairy goat farming. Our Dutch roots give us an innovative character. We use this to pursue world-class breeding goals that can bring dairy goat breeding worldwide to a higher level. At the core of our team are our top breeders. These top breeders not only supply genetics for our customers, but also provide important breeding advice for our breeding strategy. In the breeding technical committee of Goat Improvement Company they share their practical experiences and give advice for the breeding strategy of Goat Improvement Company. Our top breeders will also provide the important data for the breeding program.
"GB Boele" the #1 Index buck 2020 in the Netherlands bred by Harm and Ankie van der Veen.
"Elske 29 vd Geitebre" AV 87. 305 days 2018 kg of milk with 4.43% fat and 3.72% protein # 2 best goat on the 2020 production indexes in the Netherlands. Bred by Harm and Ankie van der Veen.