What we offer?

We optimize your breeding

With our experience in breeding and fertility, working with breeding experts, technicians, experienced distributors and some of the world’s best dairy goat breeders, we take your breeding to the next level.

We strongly believe in “Balance Breeding”. We breed dairy goats with a high production capacity, which have excellent udders and feet & legs, are healthy and achieve a high lifetime production in a sustainable way.

Our goats really do the job themselves. They can perform on different types of farms with different management. Do you have a conventional, organic or large-scale company? Our animals offer our customers a high return, low health costs and require little attention.

Available worldwide with the highest health status

Goat Improvement Company works with top breeders to select the best genetics and offer them to customers worldwide. We operate worldwide, but our approach is local. We listen to our customers and work on the best solutions that match the local circumstances and the specific needs of the customer.

All our genetics have the highest health status. Together with expert veterinarians, we regularly monitor the health of our animals to ensure that our customers always have access to genetics with the highest health status.

Do you want the highest biosequarty, start with AI!

If you want the highest biosequarty into your company and improve the performance of your animals, start with AI ! Goat Improvement Company offers optimal AI support for every customer. Whether you have a conventional, organic or large-scale company, together with the experienced technicians and fertility experts in our network, we make a tailor-made plan for you.

Maximize your return

We want our customers to get the most out of our products. With our experience, the Goat Improvement Company team is always available to assist you with knowledge and advice, such as making a breeding plan, fertility counseling and management advice. It is our passion to further increase your business potential and profitability with our genetics. Goat Improvement Company is your partner in breeding!