Ron Paardekooper and Lydia van Beek

The “balance” is what our breeding is all about

Ronald Paardekooper and Lydia van Beek have been running their goat farm “De Roozehoeve” in the town of Lottum since 2015. 600 goats are currently being milked on the farm. The couple explicitly seek the connection with customers, for example, they have a goat playground in front of the stable where children can play with lambs for a large part of the year, they have a picnic area and they sell their own cheese on the farm.

Balance that is really all about in the breeding of Ronald and Lydia in combination with a high lifetime production and as many kg of fat and protein as possible. We want to breed persistent goats that will be on our farm for years, says Ronald. An example of this breeding strategy is

RH TB Gray 59881. In 924 days she produced 6197 kg of milk (6.7 kg / d) with 3.94% fat and 3.28% protein. That gives a total of 447 kg fat + protein. We want to have the entire barn full with such goats, says Lydia. The genetics of “De Roozehoeve” are an absolute asset to the breeding program of Goat Improvement Company.

In addition to production characteristics, for Ronald and Lydia a functional conformation and good healt are also very important in their breeding. They select goats with good udders, feet and legs, dairy strength, body capacity, width of chest, that require little attention. In other words, “balance” is what Ronald and Lydia’s breeding is all about.

Ronald and Lydia about their breeding strategy:
“Genetic capacity to produce milk, a functional exterior and a strong will to survive, everything has to be in balance to achieve a high production in combination with a long lifespan.”