Renaat Devreese

A strong selection for natural disease resistance and milk yield!

Renaat Devreese, a Belgian dairy goat farmer with a great passion for breeding. At his organic, cooperative farm “t Reigershof”, 300 goats are currently being milked and all milk is processed into 20 different types of raw-milk cheeses that are sold both in his own farm shop and via organic shops throughout Belgium. Together with Katrien Decraecke, the children Hannes- and Silke and employee Ann, Renaat is daily engaged with his great passion for keeping and breeding high-yielding dairy goats that excel in organic farming.

High “natural” disease resistance plays a major role in Goat Improvement Company’s breeding strategy. Renaat has not used antibiotics on his farm since 2012 and selects among other things strictly for a high natural disease resistance. The genetics of ‘t Reigershof are therefore an absolute asset to the genetics range of Goat Improvement Company. In addition to a high natural disease resistance, Renaat selects dairy goats that can process a lot of roughage, have an efficient and persistent milk production and achieve a long lifespan.

“T Reigershof bred the last fifteen years no fewer than 53 goats that have produced more than 10,000 kg of milk, of which 9 goats have now realized a lifetime production of more than 14,000 kg of milk.”

Renaat Devreese about his breeding performance:

“Our strong goat families are the key to a successful selection based on a high natural resistance. I want to prove that you can still achieve very good productions in organic farming, without the use of antibiotics. Our 53 goats with a lifetime production of more than 10,000 kg of milk prove this.”

Goats in the spotlight

Three exceptional production goats from ’t Reigershof!

Joukje 1494​: comes from the main goat family that has had a major influence on the breeding of ‘t Reigershof for many generations. Her mother, Joukje 909, achieved a lifetime production of 15,060 kg of milk. Her half-sister, Joukje 1949 with Reigershof Cor as father, produces 6000 kg of milk in less than 3 years. The bucks from this line: Akke, Odin, Kobe and Ares have a major influence on the breeding of ‘t Reigershof.

Corry 2041​: comes from the same bloodline as the famous buck Reigershof Cor. 2041 is a daughter of Ashdene Max and produced 3655 kg of milk in two years. Her daughter Corry 2104 is doing even better. Her son, Reigershof Okke, is currently being used for breeding at ‘t Reigershof.

Klaasje 1782​: is one of the many great daughters of Reigershof Odin, son of R. Joukje 909 x Reigershof Rico. Klaasje 1782 produced 2218 kg of milk in 350 days in her second lactation.

Joukje 1494​
Corry 2041​
Klaasje 1782​