Peter and Anja Vogel

Producing milk as sustainably and efficiently as possible

Together with his farmmanager Stefan van Eck, Peter Vogel runs a dairy goat farm with 750 goats in the center of the Netherlands, in the town of Maasdriel. One thing was clear from the start of the goat farm in 2012, the company had to become the most sustainable and efficient dairy goat farm in the Netherlands. This sustainability is reflected in business operations, in dealing with people and in the breeding strategy. For example, the company no longer uses fossil fuels, the company is energy neutral and no more CO2 is emitted by machines. Part of the milk is processed into dairy and cheese and sold under its own brand Felize.

Sustainability and efficiency are also clearly reflected in the breeding strategy of Peter and Stefan as selection criteria. The goats must mainly be able to make milk from roughage and the aim is to achieve a maximum of 57 kg concentrate per 100 kg of milk. Goats that combine longevity and kg of fat and protein with functional udders and legs, these are the goats that Peter and Stefan breed for. The buck Hendrik is currently the showpiece of the farm. In 2021 Hendrik was again in 4th place in the Dutch production index. This makes the genetics of this farm an absolute asset within the genetics range of Goat Improvement Company.

Peter Vogel about his breeding strategy:

"Sustainable and efficient animals are important to realize a future-proof farm. They prove every day on our farm that our animals are perfectly capable of this."