Nearest 4 Dam Production Avg (305 day): 

Scrapie Resistant

2010 kg 3.6% fat 2.9% protein.

According to DNA testing results, this buck does not carry the Casein A gene.

Canadian Combined Production
& Conformation Index


Canadian Production


‘New Dawn’: This buck is the best son of “Grasshill Sunrise New Day” EX 92, who in turn is the best daughter of none other than “Grasshill Nadia” EX 92, one of the highest total production goats in the world with a lifetime production of 20,114 kg. Nadia has kidded 8X, milked 3533 days, and been dry only 187 days since her first kidding in 2006.

New Dawn’s Dam: ‘Grasshill New Day’ EX-92, an extremely productive and valuable doe who has already produced 11,740 kg (4.0% fat 3.1% protein) in her first 3 lactations. During that time ‘New Day’ has milked 2699 days straight through (4.3 kg/day) with no dry period between, while at the same time giving birth 3 times to 6 kids.

New Dawn’s Sire: ‘Grasshill Sheik Warranty’ VG-88. This buck is the son of ‘Grasshill Dynamo Whim’ (305 day production: 1779 kg 4.2% fat 3.0% protein) from dam ‘Wendalyn’ VG-88 (lifetime production: 13,910 kg).

Warranty’s sire ‘Sheik’ EX-95 is one of Grasshill’s best bucks overall. Scored 2nd highest in Canada for conformation, and identified Homozygous for scrapie resistance and Heterozygous for Casein A, ‘Sheik’ is transmitting superior conformation and especially high protein to his offspring. these should be excellent credentials to complement the high production and persistency traits in New Dawn’s pedigree coming from his dam ‘New Day’ and granddam ‘Nadia’ (both EX-92).

Sire Selection Recommendations for ‘New Dawn’:
This is probably the best buck to improve Total Milk Production, Persistency, and the Functional Conformation necessary to achieve these production goals! To complement the high production and persistency traits in New Dawn’s pedigree coming from his dam ‘New Day’ and granddam ‘Nadia’ (both EX-92). ‘New Dawn’ also has the potential to transmit scrapie resistance.


“Grasshill Nadia” EX 92

“Grasshill Nadia” EX 92 has a lifetime production of 20.114 kg. Nadia is the maternal grandmother of “New Dawn”.


"Trailblazer Nemesis"

This Trailblazer daughter of Nadia EX-92 is the half-sister of New Dawn’s dam “New Day” EX-92. Nemesis produced 4248 kg, with 4.1% fat and 3.1% protein in 707 days (6 kg / day). ‘Nemesis’ was one of the most promising does Grasshill ever had, but unfortunately lost at time of 2 kidding due to a uterine tear. 


‘Grasshill Dynamo Whisper’ EX

“Whisper” is the full sister of New Dawn’s paternal granddam “Whim”. “Whisper” produced in her highest list 2,124 kg in 305 days with 3.7% fat and 3.2% protein. She has a lifetime production to date of 10.580 kg.