Martin and Jan Walhout

Our breeding goal focuses on high milk production, components and longevity

The company of the brothers Martin and Jan Walhout is located in the village of Arnemuiden. 450 goats are currently being milked on the farm. One third of the milk is processed into various types of hard cheeses that are mainly sold in the own farm shop “Arne’s cheese farm”. Contact with the consumer is very fun and important to be able to show customers where their products come from, says Martin. The remaining goat’s milk goes to “De Jong cheese” in the village of Alphen.

The brothers are very passionate about breeding. They are always looking for the right genetics to improve their own herd. Due to their own cheese factory, the brothers consider high levels of protein, in particular, to be very important. In addition, the focus in breeding goal is mainly on  a high milk yield, components and a long live span. This breeding goal fits perfectly with Goat Improvement Company and makes the genetics of the Walhout brothers an absolute asset within the genetics range.

What is also notable about the breeding strategy of the Walhout brothers is that within their breeding they select strongly on the good families. If a goat is doing very well itself, but the family behind it has produced not much good animals, then we will not select such a goat for breeding, says Martin. The overall picture is what our breeding is all about, her own performance must be good, but also that of her family members.

Martin Walhout about his breeding strategy:
“We are always looking for the right genetics to improve our goats. We also select strongly on the good goat family. The total picture, that’s what our breeding is all about.”