Huib Noordermeer

Always focus on the highest possible performance

Huib Noordermeer lives with his family in the south of the Netherlands, in the small town of Heenvliet. The herd of the Noordermeer family is not large with 7 adult goats, but the level is exceptionally high. For years, Huib’s goats have performed fantastically at shows and regularly took the first place back to the stable in Heenvliet. But Huib’s goats don’t only belong tot the best at shows, they also go for the very best in the milking parlor! Goats that combine a high milk yield with components and excellent exterior. The genetics of Huib Noordermeer are therefore an absolute fantastic asset to the range of Goat Improvement Company.

The two goat families that are mainly responsible for the breeding success in Heenvliet are the Roza’s and the Femke’s. Interestingly, both families are already for years in Heenvliet and manage to produce some exceptional animals every generation. A good example of this is Nooro’s Roza 26, the Dutch champion during the video inspections in 2021. She is classified with EX 91 points, her dam Nooro’s Roza 24 is classified with EX 92 points and was national champion in 2019. Her grandmother Nooro’s Roza 9 is classified with EX 90 points and achieved a lifetime production of more than 10.000 kg of milk. Both Nooro’s Roza 26 and her mother and grandmother have daily productions of more than 6 kg of milk. True “Balance Breeding”. This immediately describes Huib’s breeding goal. Goats that have a flawless exterior with excellent udders, straight topline, length in the body and strong legs. This combined with a high milk production that the goats can sustain for a long time.

Huib Noordermeer about his breeding strategy:

"Both in exterior and in milk production, the focus is on the very best"

Goats in the spotlight

Three generations of the Nooro’s Roza family from Huib Noordermeer!

Nooro’s Roza 26

Nooro’s Roza 24

Nooro’s Roza