Harm and Ankie van der Veen

The Saanen breeders who dominate every production index in the Netherlands!

One of the best dairy goat breeders worldwide, that’s how you can summarize Harm and Ankie van der Veen. A family business that impresses with their breeding performance. Harm and Ankie have already bred 125 goats that have given more than 10,000 kg of milk and 10 of this goats have produced more than 1,000 kg of fat and protein. Harm and Ankie dominate all indexes in the Netherlands. They breed both the Nr. 1 index buck and goat in 2020! “Good, better, best” that absolutely applies to their breeding!

You can only deliver top performances in breeding if you have the right families on your farm. That is absolutely the case with Harm and Ankie. The 3 families that are mainly responsible for the success in breeding are the “Ilse’s, Jacoba’s and Elske’s”. In addition, their top buck “Sven” is one of the best breeding bucks ever in the historie of Dutch dairy goat breeding. “Sven” has passed away and was the former number 1 index buck in the Netherlands.

The breeding goal of Harm and Ankie fits perfectly with the breeding philosophy of Goat Improvement Company. A strong focus on goats with a high production in combination with good udders and strong feet & legs, which can achieve a high lifetime production and are very persistent. In combination with high natural health, this produces goats that are highly valued worldwide. The genetics of Harm and Ankie are a fantastic asset to the genetics selection of Goat Improvement Company.

The goats mainly get the high production from a lot of roughage. At the farm, the goats can get their concentrate from individual concentrate boxes. At the moment 1100 goats are being milked and in the future with the construction of a new barn the herd will be expand to 1,700 dairy goats.

Harm and Ankie about their breeding strategy:

“We would like goats with a good udder and strong legs that can give milk for years without having lambing. Good health and strong exterior are therefore important ”

Harm en Ankie introduce themselves:

Harm van der Veen

Ankie van der Veen