Nooteboom Family

Focusing on the highest possible milk production per goat

Participating in the top of breeding, that is the goal of the Nooteboom family. That this is a success is apparent from the countless high-ranking goats and bucks on the indexes and the many descendants of Nooteboom bucks who perform excellent at other goat farms. A top performance that is delivered by this real family business. Cees and Anita Nooteboom run the farm with 650 dairy goats together with their sons Niek and Coen. Together they also delivered the fantastic result of breeding their 125th 10,000 kg milk goat in 2021. These breeding achievements make the Nooteboom family one of the best goat breeders worldwide.

At the farm in Strijen, South Holland, the goats are milked 3 times a day. They strive for a rolling annual average of 1600kg of milk with 120kg of fat and protein. The goats produce this production with 52KG of concentrate per 100KG of milk. The goats get the grass from the 44 hectares of land belonging to the farm. Some of these hectares also consist of grass clover. In addition to these 44 hectares, 4 hectares of alfalfa are also grown. In this way the family can control the quality of the silage.

Within the breeding strategy of the Nooteboom family, “Balanced Breeding” is an important goal. In breeding, the goal is a lot of kg of fat and protein, a high milk production, but also a correct conformation. Due to the combination of production and conformation, the goats are able to achieve both a high daily production and a high lifetime production in a sustainable way. In addition to the focus on milk production and kg of fat and protein, for several years now, breeding has also been done on the scrapie resistant gene code 222 KK. The goal is that all animals in the herd eventually carry the 222 KK gene.

This makes the genetics of the Nooteboom family a great asset to the genetics range of Goat Improvement Company.

Cees Nooteboom about his breeding strategy:

“For years, we and our family have been striving for the highest possible milk production per goat. Due to a strict selection, you can see that behind our goats there are already several generations of high production goats. We are very proud of that as a family and we are of course happy to continue breeding with these good lines.”

Goats in the spotlight

Three of the best production goats of the Nooteboom family