Anco Bouma

One of the top milkproduction Saanen farms in the Benelux with 1479 kg measuring milk per year!

The production results of the Saanen goats of the Bouma family are impressive. Last year, the production average in 305 days  was 1479 kg of milk with 4.36% fat and 3.60% protein. The Bouma family now delivers more than a million liters of milk with 700 dairy goats. The genetics of the Bouma family are an incredible addition to the genetic selection of Goat Improvement Company.

The Bouma family consists of Anco, Germiena and son Hidde. It is a typical family business in the North of the Nederlands,  that is very passionate about breeding Saanen goats with a high lifetime production and a strong exterior. In breeding the family uses the triple aAa system through Jurjen Groenveld. This has resulted in goats that are well developed and have enormous volume.

The ration consists of roughage at the feed fence, supplemented with concentrate which the goats can  pick- up themselves in the individual concentrate boxes. This system ensures a lot of calmness in the barn and contributes to the impressive milk production average milk of 1479 kg milk per goat per year.

Anco Bouma about his breeding achievements:

Breeding goats that can achieve a high feed intake and can easily maintain a high milk production for years, that is our goal in breeding.